Thursday, March 21, 2013


Here i go usual, so usual post..... i wrote earlier, how is it going to be like end of school???? Ya its true im free .. no more pain in ass assignment in the first place... but friends somehow im missing it... ya 'THE PAIN IN MY ASSIGNMENT'.......... Sometimes we look back n get unhappy... we miss certain things from our past... ya n we forget to plan for our future... im in a a condition where i lack plan for my future, hope i get things correctly for my future... hope this confusion will get end ... hope the light of hope which i still have.. lead me to my destiny....... 050 036 019 027 040 046

Thursday, March 14, 2013


out of words... the way i should be writing... is not the what i have been writing... bt the happy part.. im still writing... anyways, as usual i will be end up writing how my day went what i did n stuff like that... its almost been a week im holding this book 'Alexzander Mc Queen ..the life and the legacy' ... ok let me ask .. have you ever gone throw same chapter again and again while reading some book??? may not be ... bt friends im reading the same pages again and again... may be trying to know him, his life and the legacy in depth... Hes been always my inspiration .... the way he is... the way he did it.. created it... LOVE THE WAY HE HAVE TOUCHED ME DEEP INSIDE.... 057 050 049 047

Sunday, March 10, 2013


i am seriously not a winter person, believe me, every time i go out, i ask to myself million times, "WHAT THE F*** am i going to wear? "yes i know its a most frequently asked question to ourselves "i bet u all ask it to yourself all the time" and the answer is not that easy...and i got the answer as soon as i open my closet...nothing can be more warmer then my beloved vintage fur coat, to fight against the nasty nasty New York weather. 008 012 017 019

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


i seriously enjoyed my day after such a long time... the weather was just perfect...perfect enough to go out n have fun with friend.... i loved the way the first rays of sunlight touched me... didn't had better option to throw my blanket away... Ate an waked whole day... and everything between was just great.... 306 296 294 295 301 304