Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This is my perfect spring day... oh ya... it was bright, sunny and warm... and i squeezed every bit of it.. here is some pics of perfect day, which i spent perfectly........... 20130409_165253 Untitled 20130409_165950 20130409_171028 20130409_182305 Untitled 20130409_192232

Monday, April 1, 2013


Well its been a while that i haven't been able to write, do something fun in the first place... since it was a Easter, we decided to go out have little fun... so ya we went n it was so much fun... The whole idea was kinda ruined... ya it started raining n we were in park... so had the cancel the reading part... but as i always say 'when you are with yr beloved friends, everything stupid little thing you do is fun'... ya it was fun the chilled weather couldn't stop us laughing like a crazy... even rain coudnt stop us from painting that stupid looking eggs... _MG_2767 _MG_2765 _MG_2761 _MG_2698 _MG_2769